Smart investors have options.

Life is better with options. By adding options strategies into your investment portfolio, you can create a dynamic financial plan to help trailblaze the life you want.

Our registered investment advisory firm specializes in managed equity and options strategies for our clients. We can provide portfolio management tools and advisement that are 100% catered to you and your goals.

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Using our collection of intelligent portfolios we can design the right path to meet your unique investment style. Our goal is to align your financial objectives with the most appropriate plan to help you achieve more with your money.

With our proprietary tools, multiple trading strategies, segmented portfolio classifications and pre-built investment formulas we can manage your portfolio in a clear and concise manner; simplifying your overall investments to be in harmony with your long-term financial goals.

Your investments and cash are held in custody by TD Ameritrade Institutional, with billions of assets worldwide and a secured asset protection guarantee. Every client of WealthVisors can login securely online to your separately managed account to view your portfolio details and performance as needed.
We take the responsibility of managing your money very seriously and make investment decisions solely in our clients’ best interest. Our mission is to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients and ensure we are serving in a responsible and prudent manner over for the lifetime of our relationship.
Our investment products and services encompass stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, currency, and alternative investments. We utilize over a dozen different trading strategies to ensure we are equipped with the right tools and resources to serve our broad clientele. We offer OptionVisor™ – a specialized portfolio management solution for qualified investors seeking more sophisticated advisory services.
We help identify how much risk you should be taking to reach your retirement goals with a holistic wealth management approach. We thoroughly evaluate each client’s economic situation, including estate, retirement, income and financial planning strategies to help develop a complete blueprint of our clients’ financial lives that flows into our exclusive WealthVisual™ portfolio monitoring interface.
WealthVisors builds custom equity and fixed income portfolios that efficiently provides clients with a variety of risk-weighted investment strategies harmonized into one master portfolio. Our in-house money managers adhere to tactical and fundamental asset allocation principles while utilizing portfolio rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and trade optimization that serves you best.

Backed By One-Of-A-Kind Trade Tracking Technology

Our proprietary Trade Tracking Spreadsheet supports your account with individual trading logs, investment metrics and strategies being implemented. Transparency and trust are what drives our firm; always keeping you informed about your portfolio.

Personalized Portfolios To Fit Your Needs and Beliefs

Feel confident about your investments, both financially and morally. We design portfolios comprised of ETFs, bonds, derivatives, and individual stocks that cater to you; supporting investors with all different views to ensure your investments are in line with your values.

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Our firm can help you plan critical financial milestones and answer any of your questions regarding account openings and funding. Whether you’re buying a new house or planning a family, we’re here to support and advise your investment portfolio needs.


We apply a tailored portfolio approach by using multiple asset classes and investment strategies that are in harmony with your risk tolerance and overall financial plan.

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With the right financial plan and investment approach, your retirement will be what it’s meant to be. Ensure you have the money needed when it matters the most.

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WealthVisors focuses on developing, managing and optimizing your overall investment portfolio to be in direct alignment with your long-term financial goals and objectives.