Financial Advisory Consulting

For self-directed traders and investors, or clients of WealthVisors in need of in-depth absolute financial consulting, one of our professional advisors can offer tailored advisory services on an hourly basis to discuss, but not limited to, any of the following with you:

  • Asset Allocation Assessments
  • Individual Security Analysis
  • Setting up Proprietary Investment Scans
  • Detailed Market Commentary & Analysis
  • Trade Strategy Review
  • Option Chain Analysis
  • Position Refinement
  • Derivative Trading Strategy Consulting
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Watchlist Development
  • Setup Custom Trading Systems

Our financial advisory consulting service is carried out by of our qualified licensed investment advisors that are capable in resolving any other questions or concerns you may have in the world of trading or investing.

  • Analysis of Investment Portfolio
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Insurance Preparation
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Investment Allocation Strategies
  • Cash Flow Analysis

Clients utilizing our Financial Advisory Consulting Hourly Service enter into a Financial Consulting Services Agreement (“the Agreement”) with WEALTHVISORS LLC before services are rendered.

Direct Service Fee: Our financial advisory consulting service is a flat $300 per hour cost.

How Fees are Paid: The fee can be paid via credit card, check, cash, wire transfer or as a direct deduction from the client’s brokerage account with the client’s prior written authorization.

When Fees are Due: Payable and due after services are rendered to the client as arrears.

Are Fees Negotiable: Fees are non-negotiable but may be discounted at the firm’s sole discretion.

Refunds and Termination: Refunds are not granted for hourly financial consulting services and either party can terminate the Agreement by providing notice in writing.

If a conflict of interest emerges between the interests of the investment advisor and the interests of the client, the client is under no commitment to act upon the investment advisor’s advice. If the client elects to implement any of the recommendations, the client is under no obligation to conduct the business activity through WealthVisors.

WealthVisors is Your Trusted Investment Partner.

Let us help guide you on the right path in reaching your goals with our customized financial advisory consulting services.