Our Model Portfolios

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By using our professionally crafted portfolio solutions, you can tune your investments to align with your goals faster. Once your MyWealthVisor user account is set up, it will automatically assign you with the most suitable investment allocation unique to you.

After discovering your investor profile, you are matched with a model portfolio that is most appropriate for you based on our proprietary rating system: My Investor Score™. Our technology will take into account your overall risk tolerance and segment you into an ideal allocation of asset classes where adjustments can be implemented as deemed necessary.

Crafted Portfolios

Everyone could use a little help now and then, with WealthVisors, that help becomes the backbone of your financial future. After your account is set up, we will match you with basic template options to help build out your investment plan. We assure each client portfolio has been expertly crafted and managed by our investment professionals; while giving investors the ability to edit them with alternative security preferences more specific to your investment goals and values.

With each portfolio, we take into account your specific risk level, investment range, and other necessary factors to design a smart allocation strategy for you. Keep scrolling and hover over our charts to see a few examples of our pre-designed “model” portfolio solutions we call simplefolios™.

The Harvester Portfolio in action

The Harvester Portfolio is a ‘middle of the road’ balanced portfolio. It is mostly comprised of ETFs and stocks, with a smaller allocation of bonds and commodities. The Harvester also allows Level 1 and Level 2 options trading (to help amplify returns, reduce risk and hedge positions) and a 1% distribution in alternative investments. The goal of our Harvester Portfolio is to preserve capital, promote moderate growth and plan for retirement with an emphasis on moderate risk investment selections. *These illustrations are for informational purpose only.


The Speculator Portfolio is the highest risk investor profile because, by nature, speculation invites risk and uncertainty. Speculators understand risk and often have extensive experience which allows them to confidently make their own judgment calls. The Speculator can be an accredited investor but doesn’t have to be. Investments can have short or long-term horizons. The Speculator normally has a decent income range and is well-capitalized to breed confidence in risks and gambles.



The Traditionalist Portfolio allocates the most amount of capital into mutual funds, has an even distribution between stocks and bonds, and is designed with a 10% cash buffer for stability. The goal of The Traditionalist Portfolio is long-term growth with low volatility investments and controlled risk in order to plan for retirement.


First Home Buyer

The First Home Buyer Portfolio is comprised of moderate growth investments with controlled risk. It has an emphasis on mutual funds and stocks. There is also a small allocation for basic Level 1 options trades to amplify returns while keeping 10-15% of total earnings in cash. The goal of The First Home Buyer Portfolio is to protect and buffers new buyers who need to ensure stability with their new home investment.



The Compounder Portfolio is built to create fast wealth by re-investing returns through high yield investments: high yield bonds, dividend-paying stocks, and equities. The portfolio allows trading Level 1 and Level 2 options for income purposes. It has a higher risk threshold on digital currency and alternative assets. The Compounder portfolio is looking to essentially do everything: quick growth, income, moderate speculation and planning for retirement.



The Protector Portfolio consists of an ultra-conservative investment approach. The portfolio structure puts a large emphasis on mutual funds and bonds with a large cash buffer for protection and stability. The portfolio has minimal exposure to equities and commodities and maintains very low volatility. The goal of The Protector is to preserve capital for [family] bills, expenses, and retirement. The natural progression is to move from The Protector Portfolio to The Retirement Portfolio for individuals over 60, or to The Traditionalist Portfolio for investors under 55.



The Accelerator Portfolio contains the largest emphasis on stocks and the second in options to accelerate potential returns through higher risk assets. There is also an even balance of mutual funds and bonds, with a smaller emphasis on commodities and a minimal cash reserve. The portfolio also contains a moderate allocation of digital currency and alternative assets. The goal of the Accelerator Portfolio is growth, income and quick compound wealth creation to sustain for the long-term.



The Maverick Portfolio is built for the independent investor that has extensive experience and a large amount of capital with a higher income range. There is a balance between all asset classes, but the portfolio has a bigger emphasis on derivatives and equities. Time horizons on investments can be 1-10 years. The goal of The Maverick Portfolio is to produce large compounded returns based on extensive knowledge, experience and a high risk tolerance.


High Roller

The High Roller Portfolio is similar to The Maverick – catering to experienced and seasoned investors, but not relegated only to them. Often, The High Roller is well funded, which gives them the luxury of a higher emphasis on options and derivatives. There is still an allocation of equities and about a 25% larger allocation of digital currencies – with minimal mutual funds and cash reserve. The goal of The High Roller Portfolio is growth, speculation and short-term large returns.



The Retirement Portfolio consists of very conservative and traditional investment strategies. The portfolio is composed primarily of mutual funds and low-fee ETFs. There is a smaller appropriation of bonds and stocks with a cash buffer for protection. The goal of The Retirement Portfolio is to preserve capital and provide the necessary monthly income for retirees with still having some growth potential on the portfolio.

Here at WealthVisors, we understand the importance of developing a tailored investment strategy and plan for how you will allocate your hard earned money, as, for many, this is the first step towards achieving your long-term financial goals.

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