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WEALTHVISORS® is the culmination of Tyler Chianelli’s 17+ years in proprietary stock and options trading and 5+ years in the financial education sector. For years, he postponed becoming a licensed investment advisor to further his trading career while also building a trading education empire to create a name in the industry and advance financial awareness in the marketplace.

These days, he is gratified with his trading and investment acumen, and his educational business stands on its own feet. In 2017, he made the firm decision to take all of his financial knowledge and insight attained over the years to finally start managing money for other people. It was the natural progression of his journey as a trader and educator, turning WEALTHVISORS® into a reality.

After months of meticulous and comprehensive research, Tyler composed what he found to be missing from the current offerings of investment advisors and financial networks. Many top-billed choices advised little to no detail and limited options for their clients’ portfolios. He knew what clients wanted because hundreds of his educational customers constantly requested him to manage their money; understanding what peoples’ needs were from an advisory standpoint. Furthermore, he had built some solid ideas about what he would want from a financial advisor and how WealthVisors® would differentiate from the tens of thousands of other financial advisors in the market. So now it was time to get busy and manifest this vision.

First came the development of the dynamic and transparent Trade Tracking Spreadsheet (TTS) for WealthVisors’ clients to better understand and study their active and archived investments in detail. The evolution of TTS was built over many years and took technical ingenuity to adequately support all the complex derivative strategies encompassed in our investment advisory services. Our proprietary trade tracking application has come a long way and is still in beta testing before being released into the market. WealthVisors’ goal is to design a user experience enabling our advisory clients to check and track their current positions in a streamlined and simplistic manner; discovering new portfolio behaviors, performance metrics, trade setups and having the ability to better understand investment strategies alongside a professional money manager.

Then we devised the core of WealthVisors: our two-tiered human-driven advisory services we provide; WEALTHVISOR Signature and OPTIONVISOR Specialized. The Signature service takes care of the vast majority of the investment public allocating a variety of ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, and individual equities for clients with portfolios of at least $100,000. However, our firm has the intrinsic ability to facilitate more advanced investment strategies using derivatives, this is where the Specialized service comes in. For the more sophisticated investors looking to achieve more with their portfolio, we offer a unique wealth management service that utilizes equity and index options interlaced with your existing investment portfolio to help maximize gains, mitigate risk, leverage capital and achieve more in the financial markets. OptionVisor is available for accredited investors with at least $250,000 to invest.

A wealth management firm would not be complete without offering a comprehensive financial planning solution for their clients. For this reason, we developed My Investor Plan™; which includes a detailed assessment of where you are now financially, where you want to go, and the tailored investment plan to help you get there. When you have a solid financial plan, you are on the right path to creating a healthy financial future for you and your entire family.

For the individual that works with a financial advisor: there should be total transparency, precise attention to detail, and all the investment choices and strategy types suitable to your determined risk tolerance and investor profile. Our mission is to democratize investing, help take the financial stress off peoples’ back by employing professional money managers with extensive investment expertise and utilize powerful technology to help improve the advisor-client relationship. WEALTHVISORS® strives to bring integrity to an essential aspect of peoples’ lives–their finances.

We look forward to serving you, so please feel free to Contact Us if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help achieve your financial and investment goals.


WEALTHVISORS LLC (WealthVisors) is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) on a state level with principal offices in Virginia. WealthVisors is a modern hybrid wealth management firm with a focus on bringing professionally tailored investment advisory services to the masses using digital technology, mobile optimization, and cognitive computing. Our firm specializes in managed option buying and selling for medium to high-net-worth investors. Although our value proposition derives from equity and index options, we still allocate conventional investments in our client portfolios, such as mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds. WealthVisors has begun assembling a talented team of experts that believe in our company mission of empowering individuals in taking control of their investment portfolios.

Founded: 2017
Founder: Tyler Chianelli (Series 65 Licensed)
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Status: Registered in Virginia

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As many financial advisory firms offer several different services we concentrate on one thing: building, managing and optimizing your overall investment portfolio to be in direct alignment with your long-term goals.