WealthVisors Pro

WEALTHVISORS also offers an ongoing professional financial consulting program called WealthVisors Pro (WVP) that is delivered through our secure Pro.WealthVisors.com online portal.

Clients of the WVP service have access to the following:

  • Development of a simplified version of My Investor Plan that includes a cash flow analysis, basic budget and investment portfolio design
  • Guidance with current debt and setting up an actionable plan to pay off loans
  • Assistance with investment asset selections and allocation of retirement accounts
  • Unlimited access to the entire suite of educational videos by The Investor Institute and material relating to self-directed trading and investing
  • Insurance analysis with access to qualified third-party vendors
  • Recommended personal investment strategies based on your individual My Investor Score
  • Investment calculators and assessment guides to help determine suitable investments
  • Annual review meeting to discuss changes and updates to your financial situation

Direct Service Fee: The WealthVisors Pro financial planning and consulting subscription program originates with a setup fee, which varies from $0 to $300, and an annual recurring fee, which ranges from $400 to $800.

How Fees are Paid: Fees for the WealthVisors Pro subscription can be paid using a credit or debit card or as a direct deduction from the client’s brokerage account with the client’s prior written consent.

When Fees are Due: The setup fee is payable and due immediately, together with the execution of the Subscription Agreement. Our annual recurring fee is due and payable on the first day of each annual period, as outlined in the Subscription Agreement.

Are Fees Negotiable: Fees for WealthVisors Pro are non-negotiable, however at WealthVisors’ sole discretion, the setup fee, yearly recurring fee, or both, may be waived periodically or discounted based on various incentive programs and/or individual client needs or circumstances.

Refunds and Termination: Paid but unearned fees are refunded on a pro-rated basis. In the first year of service, 100% of the setup fee and 50% of the annual recurring fee shall be considered earned upon transmission of the simplified version of the My Investor Plan to the client. Clients can terminate their subscription by providing written notice to WealthVisors at any time.


The WealthVisors Pro financial planning and consulting program comes with a suite of investor education provided by The Investor Institute. You will have unlimited access to over 200 hours of premium video content that explains all different aspects of trading and investing in the Stock Market to help further your development as a self-directed investor and trader or to have more worthwhile conversations with your financial advisor.

The Investor Institute provides WealthVisor Pro clients with hundreds of educational videos and commercial technology in the field of stocks and options trading, technical analysis, money management, fundamental analysis, back-testing securities, proprietary trading systems, pre-built investment formulas, financial screening models, option Greeks and option chain insights, advanced charting techniques, trade management strategies, beta weighting, exchange traded funds, model portfolio designs, exclusive trade scans, investment tools, risk profile characteristics, and trading strategy examples.

Our inclusive education is proudly offered by:


Annual OptionVisor™ fee for specialized investment advisory services:











WealthVisors is compensated for providing investment advice and personal account management by charging a flat annual fee on the net market value of a client’s account. WealthVisors reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to negotiate, reduce or waive the advisory fee for certain client accounts for any period of time determined solely by WEALTHVISORS LLC.

Smart investing starts with a plan and is developed through education and professional guidance.

Take charge of your financial future and let WealthVisors Pro help you get there.